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Freedom Session USA

Diario Viviendo Auténticamente


This is the Spanish version of our classic and popular Authentic Life Journal.

Learn how to hear God's voice as you read His Word and personally interact with the Holy Spirit through bible marking and journaling. Also included are:

  • Two of our best Authentic Living exercises
  • A condensed Authentic Life Plan worksheet
  • A prayer and answer journal
  • Instructions for forming a Transformation Triad and suggested meeting formats

This journal can be used as a stand alone discipleship tool or a follow up to Freedom Session Foundations and Authentic Living.

If you speak Spanish and/or have Spanish speaking loved ones, please partner with us by purchasing a bundle of journals and distributing them among your friends/relatives.   If you would like to support the expansion of Conociendo Libertad in the USA, Mexico, Columbia and beyond, you can donate and receive a year-end income tax deductible receipt.

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